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Welcome to DGAV  

The english Web pages of Direcção-Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária (DGAV), the Portuguese National Authority for Animal Health, contains selected items from its Portuguese language site.

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To food business operators of Great Britain - Export food to Portugal  

Since 1/1/2021 the trade of food of non-animal origin from Great Britain to Portugal needs to follow some new rules and procedures.
Check those rules and procedures in our

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Conditions governing equidae intended for competitions and events  

Portugal 2020 - Equestrian competitions and events falling under the derogation from the principle of non-discrimination laid down in Directive 90/428/EEC, Article 4(2) first indent click here

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Entry of non-commercial pets at Lisbon airport  

Travellers with pets from countries outside the European Union are here informed that the Travellers' Point of Entry (TPE) at Lisbon airport is closed between 00:00 and 06:00 am.

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List of geographical extensions of approved breeding programs officially recognized within the Portuguese territory  

List of geographical extensions of approved breeding programs officially recognized within the Portuguese territory from Breeder’s Associations and Breeding Operators.

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Bolsa de Inspetores Sanitários - Abertas inscrições  

Estão abertas as inscrições para a constituição de Bolsa de Inspetores Sanitários para o exercício de funções de inspeção sanitária, bem como assegurar o cumprimento do plano de vigilância em caça maior.
Consulte o
Aviso e aceda aqui à Ficha de inscrição.

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African Swine Fever - Diseases don't respect borders  

It is forbidden the introduction in the European Union (EU) from non-EU countries of meat and its products for personal consumption, since these products can be a vehicle of animal diseases with devastating impact, such as African Swine Fever.

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Information on import rules  

Dear Importers,
The DGAV has now available, in the English language, food safety rules that must be complied to import food of non-animal origin (
FNAO) and food contact material (FCM).
Check this information.

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Pet animals from the regions affected by hurricanes Irma and Maria  

Many European Union (EU) citizens left the Caribbean Islands due to hurricanes Irma and Maria and are on their way to the EU. A number of them may transport their pets, however not in accordance with the applicable Community legislation.

Considering that this is a situation of a natural disaster, these pet animals are allowed to enter, subject to certain specific conditions.

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Avian Influenza  

The recently detected case of avian influenza in a dead wild bird (Heron) found in the Algarve region does not change  the country's health status for avian influenza. 
Portugal maintains the officially free status for this disease.
We inform  consumers that they are not affected with avian influenza by the consumption of poultry meat or eggs.

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Animal welfare - the Commission adopts the creation of a Platform  

Today, the Commission adopted the creation of an expert group on animal welfare to be called the Platform on Animal Welfare.
The Platform on Animal Welfare will bring together all relevant actors in relation to animal welfare: business and professional organisations, organisations from civil society, independent experts from academic and research institutes, EU and European Economic Area Member States, the European Food Safety Authorities and relevant international intergovernmental organisations like the World Organisation for Animal Health.

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Update on: 2021-10-20


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